Tired of the stereotypical accountant?

Me too!



Business Partner. Friend. Down-to-earth.
These are the qualities that make a great accountant – not someone who talks to you once a year when it’s time to take your money.



No fancy tricks up my sleeve…
There should only be one way to do accounting:
The right way. What’s that? The one that puts the most money back into your pocket, ethically.



Always available and always willing to help.
Finally an accountant that will respond to you. Never hesitate to contact your accountant again; Even for the silly questions.

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Free Consultations.

Some accountants charge you by the hour and to respond to e-mails. That’s absurd.
I only bill for completed projects. Chats are always free – for new and existing clients!

More than just an accountant.

Bookkeeping, Taxes, HST. These are the basics of any accountant.
Let’s talk about how I can help with Incorporating, Online Marketing, Growing your business and many other modern business solutions to bring your business to the next level.

Health Professional Specialization.

dwm provides Health Professionals with current, personalized and ethical practice management & accounting solutions in a one-stop shop – enabling them to excel in their discipline while maintaining a high degree of control over their practices.

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